Premier Brazed Frames

K. Bedford Customs Premiere Lugged Frames represent the highest level of the framebuilders art blending traditional construction techniques with the finest of modern materials.

The traditional method of joining steel tubes with hand-formed lugs and/or fillet brazing allows unmatched aesthetic beauty, a high degree of personalization and structural strength worthy of a lifetime of riding.

I produce each bike by hand. I miter tubes and hand-file the lugs so they can be joined together with the utmost precision. I then hand braze each bike using brass and silver utilizing the same methodical technique I first used more than 30 years ago.

When I finish construction of the frame it’s time to dress it in the finest of painted finishes. I work with a very experienced local painter, Bill McDonald. I will relay your wishes to him to be rendered with perfect fidelity.

Each K. BedFord bicycle frame design is a blank canvas. I can build a bike with any geometry and to suite any taste and function – from high-performance race bikes to Randonee bikes that can carry massive amounts of cargo comfortably.