K. Bedford Customs

World-Class Bicycles for Over 30 Years

K.Bedford Customs is the pinnacle of my 30 year career designing and building some of the most iconic bicycles of the modern era.

Each K Bedford frame is hand-built by me and my small team of like-minded and equally experienced craftsmen in our upstate New York facility. Into each frame I pour my years of experience with one singular goal: to realize your vision of the ultimate bike.

I credit my brother, Kevin for kindling my interest in cycling at an early age. Like many young racers, he fostered his love of cycling and racing by working at the local bike shop. I began working in the same shop, giving me my first exposure to the world of cycling and my first opportunity to dabble in frame making. A few years into my tenure at the shop I was given a set of tubing and lugs and, with the guidance and encouragement of an older frame builder, I began the process of building my own frame. I was especially eager to complete this project because, at the time, I was unable to afford the high quality bicycles I really wanted to be riding and in the Bedford family, building your own stuff was the natural way of things.

As it turned out those first tubes were too short for a frame of my size. Nevertheless, I completed the frame and passed the finished product on to a friend. Inspired by my initial frame building efforts, I ordered more tubes and a very special little book: The Proteus Frame Design Handbook. With my increased knowledge I successfully built two nice frames, one of which my brother rides to this day. From this point on, I was addicted to the process and I’ve never looked back.
Over the next few years, while also attending design school, I continued to work in retail shops and to build frames. As word of my frame building spread I started taking more and more orders.

In the winter of 1986, while living and working in Florida, I was contacted by a friend and former co-worker about a possible job opportunity at Serotta Bicycles. I was excited about this prospect because at the time Serotta was on the cutting-edge of frame design and fabrication in the US and working there was the best way to pursue frame building as my full time career and hone my skills.

I worked for Serotta for 21 years as a frame builder, head of production and then later as chief frame designer. In my tenure at Serotta I designed and built tens of thousands of bicycles, including many of the legendary American race bikes for the 7-11 and Coors Light teams, but more importantly, thousands of bicycles for passionate cyclists, many of which are still on the road.

In 2008 I left Serotta. It was time to once again to build fine frames under my own name and thus K Bedford was born.

K Bedford Customs, 2016